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How to immigrate in Atlantic Provinces

Are you interested to Study Work and Immigrate to Atlantic Provinces?

Canadian Immigration Consultancy in partnership with ApplyBoard has more than 20 partner institutions in Atlantic Canada. While some may assume that Atlantic Canada is a quiet locale far from the busyness of cities like Toronto, there are actually many vibrant cities located in Atlantic Canada. One example: The City of Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is the 2nd fastest growing city in Canada.

Study work and Immigrate as International Student

Atlantic Canada is an excellent choice for international students wanting to study work abroad or live permanently in Canada. Opportunities for low-cost of living, program cost and immigration pathways abound in the province like Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Here are some of our partners in Atlantic provinces that offer affordable program fees, waived IELTS requirements for Filipino applicants, waived admission fee and entry scholarships

Check our Live Sessions with two of our Partners in Nova Scotia, and learn the admission process, program offerings, and scholarships available for you.

Application tips for undergraduate program and postgraduate program from the Canada Success Toolkit from our partner in students recruitment, Applyboard;

Provincial Nominee Programs and Job Opportunities, available for International Graduates and Skilled Worker professionals

Confuse where to start the process? Fill-up our online assessment form and connect with us at Facebook. or schedule your free online consultation now.




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