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  • As a student in Canada, you can earn as you learn, allowing you to pay your way through university or college while obtaining crucial work experience. 


  • Lower Tuition fee compare to other country, such as the United States, Australia or United Kingdom Canadian colleges and universities turn out incredibly talented graduates. These well-funded, internationally-renowned institutions attract top professors and offer courses tailored to a changing economy


  • You can enter the Canadian work force thru a Post Grad Work Permit (PGWP) valid for up to three years.  This work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, and in any location, and allows you the flexibility to change employers and gather even more crucial work experience that you can leverage into your Canadian permanent residence application.  As a student you may also work part-time while studying and full-time during school breaks.


  • Student Visa is currently the fastest and easiest pathway to enter Canada and eventually become a permanent resident.  Express Entry immigration system offers additional points to people with Canadian study and work experience, with further emphasis on your language skills. Canada’s provinces also offer routes to permanent residence through their Provincial Nominee Program for International Students.   Generally, to apply for permanent resident status in Canada, you must have the following: Canadian Education Credential, One Year eligible Canadian Work Experience, Permanent and full time employment or job offer


  • You can bring your spouse or common-law partner with you thru an open work permit, and can work full-time while your kids will be able to go to one of Canada’s public elementary or secondary schools for free, they can also avail the monthly allowance after 18mo of staying in Canada.  If your Spouse is eligible, a PR application may already be processed even before you completed your program!


  • Canada made it easy for students to work after graduation, easier for graduates and workers to transition to permanent residence and even easier for those with PR to become Canadian Citizens.  By becoming a citizen you can come and go as you please without renewing your PR status, allows you to vote, allows you to obtain a Canadian passport, and allows you to retain your original citizenship.  You will have all these as International Student Graduates. Study for at least one year. Make sure that the school and program you choose is eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit.  Ideally, you should study for at least 2 years for you to get up to 3 years Post Graduate Work Permit. 


Processing Time

Admission application process to get the Letter of Acceptance usually takes 2weeks to a month and Student Visa application is processed within 2 months. School intake schedule is usually every January, May and September.


Cost of Studying in Canada

In applying for a Study Visa, you need to have a proof of means of financial support. But what exactly is the amount required? In summary, you need to have proof of funds for at least 1 year to cover the cost of your tuition and living expenses. One year tuition is around CAD 12-15,000 on average and your living expenses varies: CAD 12,000 /year for the student , additional Cad4,000 for the first accompanying family member and CAD   3,000 for every additional accompanying family member


The best way to convince the Visa Officer that you have funds is by paying your 1 year tuition in advance and opening a GIC Account for a minimum of CAD 10,000.  If you can't open a GIC Account and can't pay the 1 year tuition in full, then you need to show evidence that you have available cash in bank to support your stay in Canada. Cash in the bank could either be under your name or under the name of your Sponsor/s.


Canadian Immigration Consultancy has over 30 years of experience in Canada Visa Application, we will not just connect you with a school in Canada but we will provide career guidance, recommend school and program based on your preference and advise you as to which possible immigration pathways would be applicable for you based on your chosen program, school and province.



  • School registration & application assistance

  • Study Permit and Visa Application assistance for your spouse and dependent child

  • Complete guidance in your application requirements

  • Finalization of your application form for online or paper submission

  • Monitor and Follow up your application as may be necessary

  • Itinerary/flight booking Assistance/Pre-Arrival Services

  • Travel & Accommodation Assistance

  • Advise you of your immigration options depending on your actual circumstances

  • Assistance in applying for application and extension of your permits (study or work), as may be necessary

  • Submit your Permanent Resident Visa application thru an Authorized Immigration Representative

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