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If you've done the online assessment or have talked to one of our Education Adviser and you are now ready to start the process, you may fill out the form below and we will send you the payment instructions.


Consultancy Fee varies depending on the services you will avail.

It can be paid online using your credit card or through bank transfer to our BPI or Robinsons Bank Account.


Pre-payment Form

Thanks for submitting!

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Step 1: Assessment

  • Take the Online Assessment  or Book to speak with any of our adviser.  Whether you are applying as visitor, worker, student or as landed immigrant , the first step is to assess your eligibility.  Assessment can be done online and it's FREE.

Step 2: Contract Signing

  • PAY the consultancy fee online and sign the contract or EMAIL us to received payment instructions if you prefer to deposit thru bank. 

  • Depending on your chosen pathway, we will provide the application kit that contains the list of requirements, documentation guide, application forms, letter templates, etc.

  • A Documentation Specialist/Advisor will be assigned to you to explain the process in details and answer your queries re documentation.

Step 3: Submission of Documents.

  • Once completed, you will submit the required documents and application forms. 

  • Assigned Documentation Specialist will check the completeness of your documents

Step 4: Preparation of application forms and review of documents.

  • Documentation Specialist prepare your application forms based on your draft and matched the information against the supporting documents.

  • Documentation Specialist will then check the consistency, completeness and compliance of the supporting documents

Step 5: Quality Assurance.

  • Upon confirmation that everything is in order, it will then be forwarded to Senior Documentation Specialist for final review.

  • Your case will be endorsed to our ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant for final review and submission to Visa Office.

Step 6: Filing of application.

  • Your application will be filed with the Use of Representative, our ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant. Study Visa processing time is 2 months.

Step 7: Result of the application.

  • Your Advisor/Documentation Specialist will immediately inform you of the result of the application and follow up the case if there is a delay.  

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