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Where will you be two years from now?

What will be your situation in the Philippines 2 years from now? Maybe the same, but possibly worse. Do something to make your life better. An immigrant visa to Canada is the least expensive investment your family could ever make that gives back to your family a priceless, never-ending return. Most families will never find a more valuable investment.

Another way to look at your situation is, you could be sitting on a gold mine, and you don’t know it. Families with a good education are always checking out their options. Why not check out your family’s options. It does not cost anything to find out if your family owns a gold mine. What’s keeping you from finding out?

CIC is here to help you. All you have to do is put in the effort to find out. Do not pursue an immigrant visa to Canada unless you do it for the right reasons. From our experience, the reason why most of our applicants are applying for an immigrant visa to Canada is due to the fact they feel financially insecure in the Philippines. They feel like they are waiting for just one big problem to take down their whole family. Our applicants feel they cannot give their children a fair chance to get ahead in life in the Philippines. It is a sad situation, but they are very thankful they have options. Most Filipinos do not have an option. That’s sad.

We encourage you to check out your options. CIC is the largest Canadian Immigration Consultancy in the Philippines, with convenient offices nationwide. For more than twenty years in the Philippines, CIC has processed visas for thousands of qualified Filipinos. Please be sure to check us out. We will be happy to show you our track record of success through the years.




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