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Express Entry---But what is taking my application too long?

We all want it instant and quick. No wonder why fast food chains are everywhere. However, a visa for Canada is not an instant process. You have to work and prepare for it---from your documents, to your forms, to submission and waiting. Believe me, waiting is the hardest and I would like to congratulate those who have determined to finish the race. But I tell you, if most of you have been persistent with your goal, you too could have held your Canada already.

To most of you who have already paid for our service, all you have to do is update us with your status and documents. I understand that Express Entry’s process initially may have died out your hopes. But showing their recent updates and draws should signal you to come back to your senses! WE WANT YOU TO BE IN CANADA. So please, let us all work on this together and help us erase your names from our list already ;)

So as a quick update, see below Canada’s latest draw and rounds if invitation.

Seeing the fast movement of their CRS cutoff, I suggest you be quick in completing your papers. If you haven't started yet, now is the BEST time to do so. Do not wait before it is too late.


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