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Express Entry Draw since the latest Update

Many of you have been waiting for the next Round of Invitation since the last update. Most of you who have asked regarding the next draw were advised that the cut off might go higher considering the additional points given to those with siblings and have taken up French. Well, the long wait is over! Today, June 28, 2017 (C

A time), a total of 3,409 candidates have been given an Invitation to Apply (ITA). With the 4-week waiting period since the latest update, candidates with a score of 449 have finally been drawn.

To all those who have been eagerly waiting for the draw, this increase has been expected. This too happened, the last time IRCC have made some changes with their scoring system last November 2016 but eventually got lower.

It is most likely that candidates with siblings and French were drawn this time. After they have been draw and processed, we are hoping that those with relatives, aside from siblings, would be given additional points. This is what makes Express Entry exciting since they are always into enhancing and improving their system. What is important is for you to START NOW and be ready with your documents. Be in the pool as early as possible.


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