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Information and Communication Technologies: Canada Needs You

Hooray to all ICT people! You are being prioritized in one of Canada's provinces. If you are a client, we have sent you an email re this program. If you have not received any emails from us, let us know by chatting us on our chat support.

To those who would still like to see their options, Canada would open programs from time to time. This time, ICT people have been given the chance to get nominated by a certain province in Canada. Below are just some of the ICT occupations being prioritized by the said province. Let us know if you are in the list ASAP

account manager, IT (information technology) consulting

administrator, data

administrator, database

analyst, business – computer systems

analyst, computer

analyst, computer simulations

analyst, computer systems

analyst, database

analyst, EDP (electronic data processing)

analyst, electronic data processing (EDP) systems

analyst, informatics security

analyst, information systems – computer systems

analyst, information technology (IT)

analyst, management information systems (MIS)

analyst, MIS (management information systems)

analyst, systems

analyst, systems technical support

animation programmer

application architect

application programmer

application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design engineer

application tester

application testing technician

applications analyst – computer systems

architect, database

artificial intelligence (AI) designer

artificial intelligence analyst

artificial intelligence consultant

artificial intelligence designer

auditor, systems

business analyst, computer systems

business analyst, informatics

business application programmer

business continuity analyst

business re-engineering analyst, systems

business systems analyst

business systems specialist – computer systems

call centre agent – technical support

capacity planner, network

capacity planning analyst

client support representative – systems

communication systems design manager

computer analyst

computer and related services manager

computer application programmer

computer applications engineer

computer applications manager

computer consultant

computer department co-ordinator

computer development division head

computer engineer

computer engineer (except software)

computer facility manager

computer game developer

computer hardware engineer

computer help desk representative – systems

computer help desk supervisor

computer manager

computer networks manager

computer programmer

computer programs manager

computer projects manager

computer simulations analyst

computer software design manager

computer software engineer

computer system operations manager

computer systems analyst

computer systems development co-ordinator

computer systems development manager

computer systems engineer

computer systems manager

computer telecommunications software specialist

computer telecommunications specialist

computerized information systems manager

computerized technical information manager

consultant, data processing

consultant, information technology (IT)

consultant, management information systems (MIS)

consultant, systems

contingency planner, information systems

co-ordinator, computer systems development

data administrator

data analyst – informatics and systems

data centre manager

data communications specialist

data custodian

data dictionary administrator

data miner

data mining analyst

data processing consultant

data processing director

data processing manager

data processing planning manager

data processing specialist

data warehouse analyst

database administrator (DBA)

database analyst

database analyst (DBA)

database architect

database architect (DBA)

database designer

database management supervisor – computer systems

database manager

DBA (database administrator)

DBA (database analyst)

DBA (database architect)

design engineer, software

designer, database

designer, software

detail programmer

developer, software

director of technology management

director, data processing

director, information systems development

director, information systems operations

director, software engineering

e-business (electronic business) software developer

e-commerce (electronic commerce) software developer

EDP (electronic data processing) analyst

EDP (electronic data processing) applications programmer

EDP (electronic data processing) auditor

EDP (electronic data processing) manager

EDP (electronic data processing) specialist

EDP (electronic data processing) systems analyst

electronic business (e-business) software developer

electronic commerce (e-commerce) software developer

electronic data processing (EDP) applications programmer

electronic data processing (EDP) auditor

electronic data processing (EDP) manager

electronic data processing (EDP) specialist

electronic data processing (EDP) systems analyst

embedded software engineer

engineer, computer (except software)

engineer, computer hardware

engineer, hardware

engineer, network systems

engineer, optical communications

engineer, optical communications hardware

engineer, software

engineer, telecommunications hardware

fibre-optic network designer

game developer, computer

graphical user interface (GUI) designer

graphical user interface (GUI) developer

hardware circuit board designer

hardware design engineer

hardware development engineer

hardware engineer

hardware installation technician

hardware specialist, telecommunications

hardware technical architect

hardware technical support analyst

help desk agent, technical

help desk analyst – systems

help desk supervisor, computer

help desk technical agent

help desk technician

informatics applications analyst

informatics business analyst

informatics consultant

informatics quality assurance (QA) analyst

informatics security analyst

informatics security consultant

information resource analyst

information systems analyst – computer systems

information systems business analyst

information systems contingency planner

information systems manager

information systems quality assurance (QA) analyst

information systems quality assurance analyst

information technology (IT) analyst

information technology (IT) business analyst

information technology (IT) consultant

information technology (IT) development manager

information technology (IT) integration manager

installation technician, hardware

installation technician, software

interactive media consultant

interactive media developer

interactive media programmer

Internet security analyst

Internet systems administrator

IT (information technology) business analyst

IT (information technology) consultant

IT (information technology) consulting account manager

IT (information technology) development manager

IT (information technology) integration manager

Java programmer

mainframe systems programmer

management information systems (MIS) analyst

management information systems consultant

manager, computer and related services

manager, computer application development

manager, computer applications

manager, computer facility

manager, computer legacy systems

manager, computer system operations

manager, computer systems

manager, computer systems development

manager, computerized information systems

manager, data centre

manager, data processing

manager, data processing and systems analysis

manager, data processing planning

manager, database

manager, EDP (electronic data processing)

manager, electronic data processing (EDP)

manager, information systems

manager, information technology (IT) implementation

manager, information technology (IT) integration

manager, IT (information technology) implementation

manager, IT (information technology) integration

manager, management information system (MIS)

manager, MIS (management information system)

manager, network design

manager, software engineering

manager, systems – computer systems

manager, systems development – computer systems

microprocessor designer and application engineer

microwave systems engineer

microwave transmission systems engineer

minicomputer systems programmer

MIS (management information system) manager

MIS (management information systems) analyst

MIS (management information systems) consultant

multimedia consultant

multimedia developer

multimedia programmer

network architect – computer systems

network designer – computer systems

network engineer, communication hardware

network specialist – computer systems

network systems engineer

network test engineer

operating systems programmer

optical communications engineer

optical communications hardware engineer

optical systems engineer – telecommunications

PC (personal computer) application developer

PC (personal computer) support analyst

personal computer (PC) application developer

planner, systems security

programmer analyst

programmer, animation

programmer, interactive media

programmer, special effects

programmer, systems

programmer, Web

QA (quality assurance) analyst – informatics

quality assurance (QA) auditor, software

quality assurance analyst, information systems

radio systems engineer

satellite data transmission engineer

satellite scientific telecommunications programmer

scientific programmer

security planner, systems

simulation software design engineer

simulations analyst – computer systems

software architect

software design engineer

software design supervisor

software design verification engineer

software designer

software developer

software developer, e-business (electronic business)

software developer, e-commerce (electronic commerce)

software developer, electronic business (e-business)

software developer, electronic commerce (e-commerce)

software development manager

software development programmer

software engineer

software installation technician

software programmer

software QA (quality assurance) analyst

software QA (quality assurance) auditor

software quality assurance (QA) analyst

software systems designer

software systems integration engineer

software technical architect

software technical support analyst

software test co-ordinator

software tester

software testing engineer

software testing technician

spacecraft electronics engineer – hardware

special effects programmer

specialist, electronic data processing (EDP)

specialist, telecommunications hardware

specialist, telecommunications software

supervisor, database management – computer systems

supervisor, software design

supervisor, technical support

system integration analyst

system integration consultant

systems analyst

systems analyst, EDP (electronic data processing)

systems analyst, electronic data processing (EDP)

systems applications engineer

systems auditor

systems consultant

systems designer – hardware

systems designer – software

systems development manager

systems development manager – computer systems

systems engineer – software

systems implementation manager – computer systems

systems integration engineer – software

systems integration manager – computer systems

systems manager – computer systems

systems operations manager – computer systems

systems programmer

systems QA (quality assurance) analyst

systems quality assurance (QA) analyst

systems security analyst

systems security planner

systems specialist – computer systems

systems specialist, business – computer systems

systems support representative

systems technical support analyst

systems tester

systems testing technician

technical architect – database

technical architect – hardware

technical architect – software

technical help desk agent

technical support analyst – systems

technical support supervisor

technician, application testing

technician, software testing

telecommunications engineer

telecommunications hardware engineer

telecommunications hardware specialist

telecommunications software engineer

telecommunications software specialist

telecommunications specialist – computer systems

telecommunications systems specialist

teleprocessing software programmer

test coordination analyst

test engineer, software

testing engineer, software

user acceptance tester

user support technician

visual basic programmer

Web programmer

wireless communications network engineer

Thanks to these IT's, we can now cater clients locally and internationally

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